Mason's Retirement Still Not For Certain...Told You So

From The City That Reeds

Derek Mason’s retirement from the NFL has yet to manifest itself into anything that resembles anything official. Every media outlet seems to be holding their breath, and using big words like “unexpected”, “apparent”, “abrupt”, “unclear”, “speculation”, “yet”, “if”, “disbelief”, “hope”, “possibility” and “retirement would leave a huge void at wide receiver,” but you get the point.

However, Mason dismissed any speculation (big word) that he is using his apparent (big word) retirement to act as leverage for a new contract.

If I do change my mind, it won’t be because of the Ravens. It’ll be because of some other things – my family and talking with other people. I still got to talk with some coaches over there. As far as financially, I don’t think they can do anything to sway me.

Fair enough Mr. Mason, but that doesn’t dispel the fact that Mason's decision was made on emotions rather than rationality. Like it has been said many times before, Mason recently buried his long time friend and co-worker Steve McNair.

And funerals cause a lot of emotions. They’re dim places where things like smiling, candy, sunshine and ponies are strictly forbidden.

Now the whole filing papers thing, yes, he hasn’t done that yet (big word), however, Mason’s agent Lamont Smith has stated Mason will address that shortly…or will he.

Given that Derrick just reached this decision Friday, he has not as of yet filed official papers with the league offices. We expect that he will do this when he gets around to it.

That like in college when you say you’ll get around to laundry, it just doesn’t happen you wear every last article of clothing, repeat, repeat, repeat and then maybe your mom comes up and does it for you. “I’ll get around to it” is the biggest crock of shit and you might as well just say “no I don’t plan on doing this ever, will someone else take care it,” because that is what ‘I’ll get around to it’ really means.

Shenanigans still in place.

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