SB Nation SEC blogs provide unique coverage of the 2009 SEC Media Days

SB Nation blogs Team Speed Kills and Rocky Top Talk received credentials to cover the recent SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama. On Tuesday evening, cocknfire of TSK hosted a special Media Days preview on the Team Speed Kills Now podcast, with Joel of RTT co-hosting until saying nice things about Steve Spurrier caused his cell phone to crash.

Day One

TSK and RTT hit the ground running on Day One despite the less-than-spectacular lineup for the day. The SEC either streamed live or later provided video of certain sessions. They did not, however, provide video of the longer sessions in the print/internet room, so the only instant reactions from there were provided by new media-savvy bloggers and Twitterers. After a bit of preliminary reconnaissance, both SB Nation bloggers live-blogged each and every session of the day:

The day's sessions produced news that Dan Mullen is very, very excited to be the new head coach of Mississippi State and that Vanderbilt is more worried about simply doing the best it can than it is about earning respect from the media. SB Nation Auburn Tigers blog also chimed in from its home base, calling the new SEC/ESPN TV deal a game-changer in college football, and Kentucky Wildcats blog A Sea of Blue commented on Kentucky's attempt to raise its football standards.

TSK and RTT wrapped up their coverage of Day One with another episode of the Team Speed Kills Now podcast, which included appearances from Arkansas blog Arkansas Expats and A Sea of Blue.

Day Two

Day Two got started early, but both SB Nation bloggers were ready for another day of live-blogging:

During the day's sessions, Georgia Bulldog coach Mark Richt hoped that the departure of first-round draft picks Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno would translate into better chemistry for the team, Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban took up the role of defense attorney and used another inappropriate metaphor in doing so, and Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt addressed questions about his "expectations problem." SB Nation Georgia blog Dawg Sports confirmed from afar that Richt said virtually nothing noteworthy during his time at the podium.

Of course, Day Two also featured significant momentum-building as every coach was asked to deny his role in the Great Tebow Robbery. Each of them denied any wrongdoing by confirming that they did indeed vote Tebow first-team All-SEC, which set the stage for the drama of Day Three. Which of the final four voted for Jevan Snead, thereby depriving Tebow of unanimity?

As they did Day One, TSK and RTT closed out Day Two with another episode of the Team Speed Kills Now podcast, which included appearances from Georgia blog Dawg Sports, Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion, and Florida blog Alligator Army.

Day Three

Day Three broke with four coaches yet to appear but really only two burning questions: Which of the remaining four voted for Snead instead of Tebow, and would Lane Kiffin prove to be more intentional jester or incidental fool?

With these questions in mind, the SB Nation bloggers settled in for another long day of live-blogging:

It didn't take long for things to get interesting on Day Three. Not long after Gene Chizik started doing nothing to alleviate the reemergence of Auburn's "little-brother" status, media members abandoned their note-taking and started sending each other links to the news that sources had confirmed that it was Steve Spurrier who voted for Snead instead of Tebow. Spurrier confirmed it himself during the very next session, saying that it was a miscommunication in his office, that he was terribly embarrassed, that he had apologized to Tebow, and that he had been allowed to change his vote, which finally made Tebow a Unanimous First-Teamer.

In other news of the day, Lane Kiffin generally impressed with several interesting tidbits, including the fact that there's no way you can keep Monte Kiffin from working, and LSU head coach Les Miles talked about rebounding from a subpar year and leaning on new defensive coordinator John Chavis to do it.

While RTT was heading back to the friendly confines of East Tennessee, TSK hosted the week's final Team Speed Kills Now podcast, which included appearances from South Carolina blog Garnet and Black Attack, LSU blog And the Valley Shook, and Auburn blog Track Em Tigers.

In all, it was a very successful week for SB Nation SEC blogs, and we hope to get more of them credentialed for the 2010 SEC Media Days.

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