An Arrowhead Pride Education. Can you answer the following questions

I’m sorry, I know you are all really sick of the Cassell posts, but I think I actually have a new angle, instead of blasting the play of Matt Cassell, maybe I should challenge you on your knowledge of what a QB is.

What if the posts on Cassell keep coming up because Chiefs fans are fairly ignorant of what a good QB really is?

After all, I mean most of us haven’t seen one play on a consistent basis in our lifetime aside from Trent Green, that is unless you are the Twisted Lord of AP commentary.

Do you realize we lost the game 41-7 and Cassell had under 120 yards passing? I mean we were down the whole game, and most of the game by a large margin, and he rarely threw for more than 5-8 yards downfield.

I don’t know that it is the play calling. Several times I saw people open downfield, and yet down 10, 20, and 30 points we kept damn dinking and dunking it. I mean the game was practically over. WHY NOT just take a chance and throw the ball down the field and just see what happens? Just for the sake of kicks and giggles, or just to actually try to come back and win the game .
A few simple points we all need to be aware of when evaluating our quarterback.

• A good quarterback does more than not throw interceptions. If this was a few years back I would say see Brett Favre. But the point is, a good quarterback at least TRIES to make something happen.

• A good quarterback gives the team a sense that when it’s needed, something is fairly likely to happen, meaning the QB has a 50/50 chance of driving the team down the field and getting some damn points.

• I don’t know about you, but I don’t see this with Cassell. You can expect that if we need points, Cassell is not the one to deliver.

Everyone knocks Palko, but I for one believe he has to a certain degree the "it" factor. Yeah he threw a pick, but when his job was on the line he made some good throws and drove us down and scored. I hadn’t seen Chiefs football like that in a while. The Cassell experiment should be drawing to a close.

I personally think, that the Bills game would have been totally different if we had a reasonable passing attack. Our flaw of last year that brought a quick end has not been resolved. It’s no secret around the league that we can’t throw the ball. Until we debunk this, it’s not going to be easy.

We have all the weapons for a balanced attack but no ammunition to shoot them with. My belief is that if we had a truly good qb, the Bills wouldn’t have been on the field long enough to score 41 points, the D wouldn’t be exhausted enough to let them, and our offense would have been amazing instead of dismal.
Please, tell me three things

1. What makes a good quarterback
2. Why is Cassell a good quarterback
3. Why is Cassell not a good quarterback
4. What should be the answer……… All ideas welcome.

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