SB Nation Featured Blogs: May, 2014

Brian Cleary

A new month is here so that means it is time to celebrate four blogs at SB Nation. Over the past month these blogs have shown a level of excellence that we think deserves some recognition.

April was a busy month at SB Nation with plenty of sports action to cover. But four blogs in particular stood out for the month, so we honor them here as our Featured Blogs of the Month!

Minor League Ball

Minor League Ball is one of our most prolific sites on the entire network and John Sickels' work covering baseball prospects remains second to none in the industry. MiLB will guide you through the unbelievably deep system of prospects with his Top 150 ranking, with which sleeper prospects you should keep an eye on, and ranking the top 20 prospects for every single team. More, John and team's indispensable work covering the MLB Draft (June 5-7) should absolutely be your first stop when looking to the future of your team.

Clips Nation

The NBA Playoffs have started and they've been great with five first-round series going to the full seven games. Unfortunately, however, the biggest news in the NBA this month was Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling getting caught on tape displaying his horrible racists character. The world now knows that SB Nation's site Clips Nation has been saying for years: Sterling is a despicable stain on the league and needs to go. And it looks like that might finally happen. From the moment this story broke, Clips Nation was on top of it providing a valuable perspective and voice to what became a huge national story.

A Sea Of Blue

Let's give it up for our Kentucky blog, A Sea of Blue. Not only did they seize the moment when their basketball team made it all the way to the national title game, they expanded their coverage to carefully and thoughtfully writing about spring football and recruiting, when both were major high interest topics, along with looking at their always interesting coach from a variety of angles.  They rode this to an excellent April, which they completely deserved.

7500 To Holte

7500 to Holte really outdid themselves this month. With Aston Villa deep in a relegation battle to remain in Premier League, readers have been given a regular update on odds and various chances of "avoiding the drop." It now looks like Villa is safe, but the Robert Lintott's willingness to pursue multiple angles and look at various permutations helped 7500 have one of their best traffic months ever.

Congrats to these four blogs for displaying the range of great blogging that is available on the SB Nation network.

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