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SB Nation Featured Blogs: 4/14

A new month is coming so that means it is time to celebrate four blogs at SB Nation. Over the past month these blogs have shown a level of excellence that we think deserves some recognition.

Being A Blogger Can Help You Get Engaged

Covering a team for SB Nation has many benefits, but truthfully, we never saw this one coming.

SB Nation Blog Name-Checked On Hockey Broadcast

As SB Nation blogs grow in stature and reputation, they're getting name-checked during broadcasts on a regular basis.

Simple Auth is now live across SB Nation

We've simplified the sign up system at Vox Media, improving user experience in the process.

One Baseball Game Found More Meaning After 9/11

On the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, SB Nation posted a must-read story about a baseball game and how it's meaning goes beyond simple sports; it's a healing process for people so intimately involved with the heroics that tragic day.

SB Nation Featured Blogs: 9/9/13

These are the blogs that have been elevating blogging to an art form over the last two weeks. Massive Report, Bright Side of the Sun, True Blue LA and Baltimore Beatdown rule the roost this week.

The Best NFL Preview Anywhere!

SB Nation has just published its 2013 NFL Preview and you don't want to miss it.

One Baseball Fan's Cross-Country Ride For Charity

Jacob Landis is a long-time member of Camden Chat. He's also an avid biker. When he was 10 he had a medical condition treated with a special device. Now, he wants other patients to get the same treatment he did.

Getting You Ready For College Football

College football season is about to start, are you as ready as you could be? Let SB Nation help out by making you the smartest fan around.

Ex-NFL Linebacker's Refreshing Take On Concussions

The ex-NFL players' lawsuit against the NFL concerning concussions has become a huge issue for the league. You hear about ex-players joining the lawsuit all the time, but what about an ex-player who decides to remove himself from the proceedings?

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