New SB Nation Blog For Napoli: The Siren's Song

Just a quick shoutout to a new SB Nation community. The Siren's Song is now online and covers Napoli in Serie A football. Head on over and give them a big welcome.

Ghost comments fix in place

We've deployed a fix that should correct the issue with Ghost (or Ninja or Zombie depending on your community) Comments. You'll need to refresh your thread for the fix to take place, but the issue should be fixed at that point. Please let us know if the issue persists by contacting us at the link above or at

Want to help stop Chrome PC/FanPost phantom comments?

Keep commenting like you always do, but when you notice that live updating has stopped or "ghost comments appears", open up the javascript console (instructions on doing so here) before you leave the thread or refresh. Take a screenshot of the console and email that to us at support AT sbnation dot com. Thanks.

Any interest in coverage of volleyball?

This is my humble volleyblog. A couple of months ago, I had the mind of join SBN's volleyball blog and start posting to it -- imagine my shock when I noticed there wasn't one! So I read the FAQ which suggested putting in "a month or two" on a free service like Wordpress, which is exactly what I have done (it's about a month and a half now). I've sent an email somewhere to someone asking about this, but it's been a couple of weeks now with no reply (granted, you guys have obviously been busy). Even if the answer is "not now," that'd be fine. I'll keep plugging away in the hopes of joining eventually. I just want to get some more eyes on it, and maybe, just maybe, an answer about joining the network. No matter what, I'm gonna keep writing :)

Big East Coast Bias Calls Lindy's to Find Out Why There's No Big East Preview Magazine

Lindy's chose not to print a Big East football preview magazine. I called the publication today to find out the reason why the Big East was the only BCS conference not to get a dedicated preview magazine this year. They were very clear: the Big East didn't make any money for them.

The Falcoholic And Partner For Weekly NFL Draft Talks

The Falcons have done a great job of reaching out to fan communities, with the weekly chat between SB Nation's Dave Choate and the team site's Jay Adams the latest example. To brag on my favorite team a little bit more: last summer Jay let me cover training camp for the official site when the Pats were in town. More and more, teams are realizing what a great opportunity SB Nation represents.

On The Forecheck joins the Nashville Predators post-game radio crew

Starting with tomorrow night's Nashville Predators/New Jersey Devils game, I'll be joining the post-game radio show on the Predators' flagship radio station, Nashville's 102.9 The Buzz. The plan is to provide post-game analysis for road games as part of a rotating series of guests for the rest of the season.

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