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SB Nation unveils fancy new blog

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Almost every week we announce a new blog in the SB Nation family of sports blogs. And we're at it again. Welcome to our newest blog - Blog Huddle - a blog that doesn't cover your favorite team or sport, but instead keeps you updated on the happenings of SB Nation itself. I, along with the other good folks who run SB Nation, will be posting as frequently as possible on things like:

  • Announcements of new blogs
  • Introductions of new features
  • Tips + tricks on using the platform
  • Scheduled downtime notices and outage explanations
  • Media mentions of our blogs and the network
  • General observations on the growth of sports blogging overall

But we don't want this to be a one-way thing. We're always looking for feedback and ideas on how we can improve the network. We hope you'll jump in, talk to us, and get to know us a bit. That's why we set this up on our own blogging platform: if you already have an SB Nation account, you can quickly and easily join this blog and start commenting today. And if you don't have an account - of course you should Sign Up today.

One note - if you are encountering problems with any of our blogs or account registration system, please continue to send us reports via email instead of posting a comment or FanPost. Just as a reminder our email address is:

BTW, I'm Trei - you might remember me from such blog posts as Welcome to the new SB Nation or as the guy who often replies to your support requests. I work on products and technology at SB Nation. And because this place is of, by and for the fans, you should know my team is the Astros (one reason why).