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Community Guidelines on SB Nation Blogs

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SB Nation is a series of 215 distinct communities that is governed by a set of guidelines laid out by each of the bloggers that happen to run the individual community.  We've always believed since I started this company in 2003 in empowering each one of our guys to run things as they see fit.  I've been asked by users before if there is an SB Nation overall policy on banning and whatnot, but we've purposely decided to never lay down any rules outside of telling our writers that we would not ever tolerate things like racism or any kind of discrimination on the blogs, ever.  I think letting our folks lay down their own policies has helped lead to staggering growth for our network because it gives each and every community a distinct feel. 

Why am I bringing this up now?  Well I wanted to share a post from one of our blogs in regards to this very topic because I think it's very eloquently stated as to how I think most of our interactions should be handled.  Seth over at Double T Nation says it better than most in this simple, but very effective statement.

I think you could also add to DTN's lone commandment, that what you say to your fellow DTN'ers in the comments be something that you would say to them in their face.  If you're not willing to do that, then think twice before about posting.  It's easy to hide behind the facade of a username, but keep in mind that we're all on the same team.

I love it when the simplest solution is the best solution.  Come to think of it, it almost always is.