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Matchsticks And Gasoline Live Flames Chat At CBC Sports

With the NHL season a week old, Kent Wilson of SB Nation Calgary Flames blog Matchsticks And Gasoline took part in a live chat with the good hockey folks at CBC Sports. Wilson answered questions about the Flames' offseason, new head coach Brent Sutter, and their outlook for the 2009-2010 season.

Here's a taste:

myboots: How about goaltending. What do you think?

Kent: Goaltending is an issue, although Kipper has been relatively strong the first 3 contests. His stats have declined each year since he joined the Flames, culminating in his less than medicore season last year. The Flames have a lot of cap space and money invested in Kipper - and not much in the way of back-ups - so he needs to rebound.