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Silver Seven Sens Live Senators Chat At CBC Sports

Like Matchsticks And Gasoline a week ago, SB Nation Ottawa Senators blog Silver Seven Sens headline a live chat at CBC Sports to discuss the goingson in Sensland, including the trading of Dany Heatley and their expectations for 2009-2010. A snippet:

Move Them To Hamilton Now: Hi Peter, is there a chance that the Heatley saga will prevent Ottawa from landing big-name free agents in the future? Or does everyone realize that he's a dink?

Darren ( I think Ottawa already has it's fair share of struggles, without the Heatley circus. Canadian teams struggle to attract free agent players due to the combination of a bad climate and a terrible over-saturation in the media. I think a lot of players would like being able to go and get groceries without someone criticizing their breakout pass, you know?