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SB Nation Participates in the Donor's Choose Social Media Challenge

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SB Nation has been around for six years now.  And in that time, the blogs have never participated in one community-oriented event.  Until now.  SB Nation has gotten together as a group to support the Donor's Choose Social Media Challenge.  That means that many of the blogs have put up their own giving pages and we're attempting to compete with other blogs for a good cause.  SB Nation isn't near the top of the leaderboard yet, but I'm hoping that with three and a half weeks to go, SBN's communities will come through.

Here are some sample posts from SB Nation communities:

Bolts from the Blue
Beyond the Boxscore
Bright Side of the Sun
Bleed Cubbie Blue
Daily Norseman
Indy Cornrows
Gobbler Country
Sactown Royalty

Congratulations to Sactown Royalty, who is simply blowing the doors off of the rest of the SB Nation sites so far.  Let's get everyone on this and donating to help needy classrooms across the country.