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Podium Cafe Interviews Tyler Farrar

There isn't really an American rider right now that has captured more attention in 2009 than Tyler Farrar.  Well unless your name is Armstrong, but Armstrong didn't have nearly the success in this calendar year that Farrar did.  Podium Cafe, SB Nation's outstanding cycling community, had the recent opportunity to interview Farrar about his remarkable year.

Here is Farrar on how he plans on challenging Mark Cavendish's dominance in 2010:

PdC: So the plan is if you have enough of a competing train you can wrest control from Columbia?

Tyler Farrar: I hope so, yeah. There’s not really an argument this year that Columbia was the best team in the world in leading out sprints, they don’t make mistakes often, but next year’s a new season, and I think you can see with my team as the season went on they started to get confidence in me and believe in me more, and that always helps guys commit to riding the sprints. Actually a lot of the guys had never really tried to lead anyone out before, so it was really a learning experience for a lot of the guys on our team. Looking to next year now the guys have a bit more experience, they have confidence in me, and we brought in some more guys with experience already, so I think we’ll have a strong team for next year.