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Waggle Room Interviews Kenny Perry

SB Nation golf site Waggle Room recently had the opportunity to interview Kenny Perry on everything from Perry's results at Augusta to his problems with his eyesight to his future goals.  Here is a taste:

KP:  Great question, what does come next?  ::Laughter:: You know, it's been a great run.  And somehow I'm going to have to refocus.  I'm going to have to sit down around Christmas.  I'm going to have to set some goals and stick to it.  I don't mean to be lazy or lackadaisical or whatever.  I need to put something down on paper.  I really need to think about it.  And then I need to get out there and fire at it again.

You know, I turn fifty next year.  You'll see me play on the regular tour most of the time but I'll play a few Champions events.  I've got five more years' exemptions on the regular tour, so I can play 'til I'm 55 on the PGA Tour.  And, so, what you'll see me doing is playing both tours a bit though I'll primarily focus on the PGA Tour.