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DRays Bay Features Interview with Top Rays Exec

It's baseball Winter meetings week and in honor of that and all the player movement that will likely happen, the SB Nation Rays community DRays Bay had the opportunity to sit down and interview James Click, who is the coordinator of baseball operation.  I found the passage about baserunning interesting considering how prevalent the running game is in Tampa:

TR: Baserunning is a lot more than just steals and caught stealing. How much time do you and your staff spend studying the other aspects of baserunning as well as things like sacrifice/situational hitting?

JC: We're always looking to improve our approach, and doing the little things correctly is one way to do this. We have exceptional athletes on our team and we do everything we can to harness that athleticism and leverage it as much as possible. While these aspects of the game may seem less important than others when quantified on a large scale - after all, they're routinely referred to as "the little things" or "smallball" - the ability to deploy those advantages based on game situation can magnify their value when it comes to the standings.