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MMA Mania Interviews Jon Fitch

The stories in mixed martial arts are like life.  Sometimes you climb to the top only to fall just short.  And it takes forever to get back.  That's the story of Jon Fitch who had a title fight in UFC 87.  Now he's approaching that opportunity again if he keeps winning, starting with UFC 107.  Fitch stopped by MMA Mania to exclusively discuss the upcoming bout and all other things UFC.  Fitch offered his thoughts on George St. Pierre:

Derek Bolender ( Dan Hardy is apparently getting the next shot against George St. Pierre. Your thoughts on how that fight plays out?

Jon Fitch: Dan Hardy hasn’t really fought anybody with any wrestling ability at all so it will be interesting to see him try to deal with GSP’s takedowns. He’s a good fighter and a good kid, but I don’t really feel he’s prepared to fight anybody on GSP’s level right now.