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Support from the SB Nation Community

If it is ever unclear how a feature on the SB Nation platform works you can, of course, email SB Nation support. You may also want to try out SB Nation's new search tool and search for your problem. Recently, we have discovered a bevy of great user and blogger generated how-to guides. Here are some great examples:

These are great for a number of reasons. First, they are generally very well written. Obviously, SB Nation blogs depend a great deal on the contributions of our community members and the quality of user contributions is top notch and these how-tos are no different.

Second, these how-tos are coming from users who, for the most part, had to basically figure out how to use the features as they went along. This means they are written from the perspective of someone who has most likely struggled to figure out some of the features of the system that are unclear. The how-tos therefore are very straightforward and detailed. Some users have even captured screenshots and edited them to make their descriptions even clearer.

Third, for as great as we think we are, we may not be able to handle your request immediately and these posts are right at your fingertips. Check Blog Huddle often for FanShots of these how-tos because as we find them, we will certainly pass them along (please post a FanShot here if you find a great one too!). The SB Nation search feature is much improved and should also be able to point you in the direction of these great guides.

Thanks to all of the users who have made these posts. They are just another great example of the greatness of the SB Nation community of which we are very proud. Please continue to contribute these awesome posts.