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SB Nation DC Meetup

Great article from today's Washington Post covering a meetup that we hosted at SB Nation HQ last week.  It was a fun event, about 20 sports bloggers were there, many from our network and others from Yahoo, Fanhouse and independents.  There were also some tech and media executives, potential advertisers and friends of the company.  The purpose was simply to enjoy some beverages, see one another in person
and reach out to the DC web/sports community.

It's our commitment to help bring together in-person conversations when we can.  We hope to be able to replicate this in other cities over the course of the year and eventually host a nationwide meet-up when circumstances permit.

Thanks to Jess and the team for organizing everything and thanks to everyone who turned out, notably SB Nation friend and investor Ted Leonsis who had some inspiring words to share.

Here are some great shots taken by Michael.  Enjoy and hope to see you soon.