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SB Nation Tops NBA and NHL Web sites During Finals

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The NBA has a compelling Finals for the NBA championship.  Kobe Bryant is driving for four and attempting to establish himself as being able to win the big trophy without the big guy (Shaquille O'Neal).  Standing in his way is the formidable Dwight Howard.  Also making an appearance at the NBA Finals?  Two SB Nation bloggers, Josh Tucker from our Lakers blog Silver Screen and Roll and Evan Dunlap from our Magic blog Third Quarter Collapse, are covering the finals for and their SB Nation blogs.  Check out what it looks like here:  NBA dot com.

But not to be outdone, our hockey bloggers are being featured right now on the front page of as the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins prepare to play a seventh game on Friday night.  You can see what that looks like here.  NHL dot com.

Two of the premier events of the sports calendar and SB Nation is all over them.  Stay tuned for more.