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Angels Director of Scouting Stops by to Chat at Halos Heaven

The fanatical audience over at SB Nation's Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim blog Halos Heaven recently got a treat as they featured a live chat with Director of Scouting Eddie Banes.  He had some very interesting things to talk about including letting the Angels audience know that they were very close to signing their 2009 first round pick.  He also added this kicker:

Eddie Bane:  The knucklehead that works at ESPN, Keith Law, remarked that Randal is not in my top 100 when we selected him.   Fortunately most people dont take his list seriously.   I do know that my national crosschecker thought Randal was one of the 3 best bats in the entire draft.   I am going to go with Jeff Malinoff over Keith Law on that one.