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SB Nation Hockey Named Top Story of the Year by Puck Daddy

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SB Nation's hockey family has grown immensely just over the last six months in large part because of James Mirtle and his excellent effort.  Greg Wyshynski, better known as the Yahoo! Sports hockey blogger Puck Daddy, rewarded that effort today by calling the rise of SB Nation hockey the top story of the past hockey season.

I started this network as a huge baseball fan, but my first love growing up was hockey and I'm really proud to know that SB Nation has become a puck powerhouse in the sports blogosphere.  The best part about it?  I now have a ton more great hockey content to read every day.  I'm a Devils fan too and James Mirtle was able to succeed where I wasn't in bringing John Fischer and his outstanding In Lou We Trust on board.  Nice work James and much love to the SBN hockey network that has some of the funniest people around who are extremely passionate about their craft.  We couldn't ask for a better group.