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Shaquille O'Neal Traded to Cleveland Cavs

The huge story of the hour is Shaquille O'Neal being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the SB Nation Phoenix Suns site, Bright Side of the Sun, is all over it writing an excellent piece about how the Suns could be in unload mode

I imagine John Bena, who manages the SB Nation Cavs blog, Fear the Sword, is going to wake up this morning to some very welcome news about the new dynamic duo that will be thundering down the hardwood in Cleveland in 2009-2010.  LeBron and Shaq?  That's a whole lot of thunder.  And I wonder if Shaq will get a Batman tattoo to go along with his Superman one considering that many will likely be calling LeBron and Shaq the new dynamic duo.

Make sure and stay tuned to SB Nation sites all day today as the NBA Draft is today and we'll have several writers on the floor. I expect a lot more movement throughout the day and a lot of happy (and unhappy) fans to chime in on them.