McNair now Gatti..What?

In the last two weeks sports fans all over the globe lost two very speical athletes, Steve McNair and now Arturo Gatti. Each case were similar, in that both had very young girlfriends who also happened to be involved in both homicides.

One thing I could never understand, where the hell these guys get these girls? McNair who was a highly respected player in his day was recenlty separated to his long time wife. While Gatti who also was married once, also followed the same trails of McNair.

Okay, let's cut to the chase, Money! Money! Money! Yeah that's what it''s all about. McNair made his fair share over his longtime football career, which dangerously brought to the forefront a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle others were seeking but could not obtain unless they connected with someone like McNair.

Gatti a great boxing model and entertainer, always put up a fight to the last second of every final round. Unfortunetly, he probably din't even see coming this last knockout, as his wife is now being accused of murdering him....

Gatti and McNair you are going to be very deeply missed by the sports universe..

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