Beckham under performer and overrated

David Beckham is finally on his way back from Milan to join the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. But the question is, Was he really missed? Mind you the Galaxy have not exactly been tearing it up during his absence. However, the Galaxy were not exactly putting up positive results either when he was part of the starting eleven.

Despite playing well during his tenure in Milan, it's important to digest he was surrounded by a very elite group of players who happen to make him look good more often than not when he was in the starting lineup..

David Beckham is a good player, but he should not be labelled in the great category, because he's not.

There's no question Beckham has proven he's a a world class player by performing at a high level in the world's most elite leagues such as the Premiership, LaLiga and Serie A. But it also should be noted, he's been a huge under achiever when ever his name has been called upon to represent England in International competitions.

Great players perform successfully at all levels, something Beckham has not done since joining the MLS. This is why Beckham has, is and will always perform below greatness....

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