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SB Nation Secures New Round of Funding

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Along with the rest of our management team and employees, I am pleased to announce that SB Nation has secured a new round of financing.  The lead investor in this round is Comcast Interactive Capital (CIC), the venture investment arm of Comcast.  CIC is joined by several of our existing investors, including the lead from our first round Accel Partners, who are upping their investment in the company.

We’re thrilled to not only secure a new round of financing during tough economic times, but to get it done with such perfect partners for our company.  CIC understands what we do and they are eager to see us take the company to new levels by focusing on the principles and hard work that have contributed to our success to date. 

We decided to get funding so we may grow our investment in developing new and compelling ways for the very best authors to inform and connect with the audiences that share their passions.  The deep engagement of these audiences on such high quality sites creates ideal environments for marketers to communicate with and activate consumers.

In short, we are fully committed to delivering world class technology, monetization and promotional platforms that feed directly into, and will help define, the secular shifts happening in the media industry.

We've experienced tremendous and accelerating growth thanks to our focus on selecting and empowering some of the highest quality sports writers on the web.  What started with one site, Blez's, has now blossomed into over 205 sites focused on nearly every major pro and college team, as well as popular sports and topics ranging from MMA, baseball stats and golf to male fitness, fantasy sports and cycling.  Our authors and communities inspire the team at SB Nation to give their all to pioneering a better way for fans to be informed and share thoughtful conversations. 

Thanks for being part of our community.  We and our investors look forward to delivering even more value and innovation to our audiences, advertisers and family of writers in the days ahead.

Jim Bankoff
Chairman and CEO, SB Nation