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SB Nation Adds Spencer Hall, Eamonn Brennan

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It is with great pleasure that I can officially announce the addition of two blogging titans to our team here at SB Nation.

Spencer Hall, aka Orson Swindle, will join us from Sporting News, where he wrote regularly for The Sporting Blog over the past year and a half. Spencer not only brings his wealth of talent to SB Nation, but also his superb college football site Every Day Should Be Saturday, which will become part of the biggest group of college bloggers on the web, led by SB Nation League Managers, Peter Bean (Burnt Orange Nation) and Joel Hollingsworth (Rocky Top Talk). I worked closely with Spencer at SN before coming to SB Nation myself. I look forward to rekindling our blog-love and watching it once again blossom under the same roof.

Also added is Eamonn Brennan, who will serve as an associate editor for E has no use for sleep, allowing him to write regularly for NBC Chicago and Mouthpiece Sports while at the same time working as the editor/lead author of The Dagger, Yahoo! Sports’ NCAA basketball blog. You’ll still be able to find his work on those sites.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the near future as we start to put all these shiny new parts to good use. In the meantime, we still have 210 outstanding sites to keep you occupied.