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It's All About Community: AN Day VI

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I just got back from Oakland and attending the sixth annual Athletics Nation Day at the Oakland Coliseum.  It's funny because out of the six, two of the wins have now been wins in the bottom of the ninth.  In 2006, the A's won against the Toronto Blue Jays on a Milton Bradley home run off of B.J. Ryan.  And yesterday, the A's won in the bottom of the ninth against the Detroit Tigers with a Kurt Suzuki single, plating Adam Kennedy.

But that's not the point of this post.  I just wanted to share the fact that SB Nation blogs take community to another level.  AN Day VI was a tailgate in the parking lot that had at least 70 people show up.  People brought grills, meat, generators for blenders (for margaritas), a banner for the site featuring the saying, "Small Market, Big Blog" and someone even make a cake that featured the logo of the site (IMO the coolest thing someone brought).  I sat there looking around at all the people there and just remember the humble roots of the 210 blogs we have now and how AN remains a family through all the recent lean years and that people really love their community.  Because it's always been about those hardcore people.  And it always will be.