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Please Welcome Daily Soccer Fix!

It's with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of Steve Davis and his outstanding blog, Daily Soccer Fix, to SB Nation.  Steve is one of the best soccer writers in the United States and we're simply thrilled to not only have him bringing his blog aboard, but also running our soccer league as our soccer league manager.  Soccer is very important to me personally as I love the sport, but we always wanted to make sure that we found the right person to help us buildout the league in the proper fashion.  I believe Steve will do that because he's got the knowledge, the personality and the writing chops to make it happens.

With the World Cup coming in 2010 and the English Premier League, Serie A and other major European leagues getting started, now is the perfect time to expand the reach of SB Nation into the world's most beloved sport.  Please join me in welcoming Steve Davis to SB Nation!