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Why Our Writers Do What They Do...

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We have emails lists here at SB Nation in which we discuss all kinds of things.  Everything from the news of the day to best practices for how to make your blog better.

One really interesting discussion happened on our hockey list earlier and I wanted to open it up so our bloggers could share their stories with Blog Huddle in the comments section because I think this will help you get to know the spirit of SB Nation better than any Better Know a Blogger or any interview we ever did.  The discussion was about why our writers do what they do at SB Nation.  There are so amazing stories to be told.  Most everyone knows that SB Nation started with the Oakland Athletics blog Athletics Nation.  The one that I personally started.  I started that blog because I was tired of feeling like no one was ever discussing the Oakland A's in an intelligent, meaningful fashion.  I would sit around and just feel like KNBR (the Bay Area sports station), ESPN and the rest of the sports media ignored a team that, at the time, was one of the most successful teams in all of baseball.  And message boards were full of trolls and people who were uninterested in having an intelligent discussion.  It was mostly name calling.

Well my hunger for a place in the media for A's fans to call their own burgeoned into 210 sites and growing.  Everyone wants a place where they can gather and talk about their team with a high level of discourse.  But it's not the bottom line as to why everyone does this.  Let's hear from the SB Nation writers about why they do what they do.