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SB Nation and NFL Training Camp Coverage

NFL training camp has really just started, but before we know it, there will be preseason games and then the regular season.  Football tends to go by quickly like that.  In the meantime, SB Nation has been all over NFL training camp.  Our Baltimore Ravens blog Baltimore Beatdown has had Bruce Raffel at training camp since it started.  He's done daily reports like a photo report or a written report of the action.  Mile High Report, our Denver Broncos blog, also had main blogger John Bena at training camp and filed daily reports as well.  I already told you about Blogging the Boys and what Dave Halprin has been providing at training camp, but the site also got a shout out on a local Dallas television station for the coverage of training camp.  And finally, our own Ed Valentine is chronicling his part at New York Giants blog Big Blue View.

Even though not all of the blogs are able to make training camp, you can be sure that the NFL blogs on SB Nation will be all over your favorite team, no matter what it might be.