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20 Million Comments: Fan Empowerment Realized

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Yes, you read that right.  SB Nation has officially surpassed 20 million comments across our 210 blogs over the last five plus years.  I think this is cause for a big-time celebration because when this network launched in November of 2003, the goal was to bring fan discussion to the forefront of the sports conversation.  I was that frustrated fan wondering why talking suits from Disney were deciding what I should be discussing.  I had other things in mind. 

And truthfully, it's probably larger than 20 million since we switched platforms and weren't necessarily tracking all of them from the very beginning.  But realistically, it's a magic number and I'm just happy that we have so many great writers across the network that helped inspire our communities to participate in record fashion.  If you've been out there, lurking, just reading, don't be afraid to jump in and join the conversation.  I think you'll find something for you no matter what your passion might be.  Be a part of the next 20 million comments.  And thanks for supporting SB Nation for so many years.