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Copper & Blue Interviews Prospect Cody Wild

Our Edmonton Oilers community Copper & Blue is getting a great reputation as a place for top prospect interviews. But the interview with Cody Wild is just fantastic and insightful as it appears like the Oilers organization is skipping over Wild while advancing other players who don't have comparable stats.

From the interview:

C&B:  You mentioned that the Oilers told you that you needed to work on some things, what do you think your role within the organization is?  Will you be considered a puck-mover for your career?

Wild:  I think so.  I think they know what I bring to the table.  I'm an offensive guy, I'm a puck-moving guy.  I see the ice well and I can make plays.  I think that's what they see me as.  They also told me that I need to get better defensively, and that's what I'm working on and I think I have been better defensively.  It's tough with all of the losses that we've had, but I think I'm developing pretty well.