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Revenge of the Birds Interviews Cardinals Safety Hamza Abdullah

The SB Nation Arizona Cardinals site Revenge of the Birds interviewed Cardinals safety Hamza Abdullah to close out the season.  Adbullah talked about the possibility of signing elsewhere:

ROTB: I noticed that you were set to be a 2010 free agent this offseason. Have the Cardinals approached you about a new contract?

Hamza: I think right now we're in such an early stage, the season isn't even over yet, the culmination of the season isn't over yet so, I guess we'll just wait and see. Generally I think the feeling is mutual between myself and the Cardinals, and I just feel like it's a great fit, and I love the guys, I love the coaching, I love the organization, and I want to be back. I think the organization wants me back but its just all the different things that happened in the offseason and hopefully we can just come together and make this thing work.