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RaptorsHQ Interviews Jerry Stackhouse

Jerry Stackhouse is back in the NBA after an absence.  Our Raptors site RaptorsHQ had the opportunity to catch up with Stackhouse recently and get the details on his return.

RaptorsHQ:  How are things going?  You're back in the league, can you give us a little insight on what the last few months have been like for you?

Jerry Stackhouse:  Just working out really, probably for the last three or four months actually.  In my mind, I kinda had a feeling an opportunity was going to come around this time, probably after Christmas, or by the break, and it did so, I just tried to keep my body ready; nothing like getting back into the real thing of course, but as much as I could, I tried to work out, get into the gym, make sure I was shooting the ball...get my feel back for the ball etc.