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George Karl Interview on the Eve of His Possible 1,000 Victory

There aren't a lot of things that people can say that they've accomplished 1,000 times in their lives out of routine things like eating, sleeping and drinking. George Karl might soon have 1,000 wins under his belt. Denver Stiffs has an excellent interview with the Nuggets coach on the day of what could bring him an impressive accomplishment.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things was his response to the Josh McDaniels news out of the Broncos camp today:

AF: I hate to bring up a non-basketball topic and a negative topic before your big night, but do you have any reaction to Josh McDaniels getting fired?  You guys had a good relationship and he had invited you to speak to the Broncos before the season began.  Having been fired yourself at a very young age, do you have any advice for Josh?

GK: I left him a message.  I got fired at age 33 or 34.  [Former Cleveland Browns coach] Marty Schottenheimer came to my house with a case of Coors Light and offered to talk.  I want to offer Josh the same thing.  There will always be an open door to the Nuggets for Josh.  Over the next few days when things settle down for him and he gets his mind in the right place, he needs to make a commitment to learn from his mistakes. But his journey is just beginning and he’ll have other opportunities down the road.