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Larry Hughes Speaks to Bullets Forever about Gilbert Arenas

Larry Hughes spoke to our SB Nation Washington Wizards site Bullets Forever and discussed Gilbert Arenas' future with the Washington team.  Hughes says that he thinks that Arenas will wind up being back with the Wizards next year.  Hughes has a history with Arenas and seems to know him very well, so take it for what it's worth.

Reporter: Do you see him coming back here?

LH: Honestly, I do [see him back here].  I think this is a special place.  When you played here and the city gets behind you, you realize what the fans want, what the city wants.  The organization is just behind you.  I think he'll come to realize that.  I can see it, I can see it.  It always [is like], when you get in trouble, you're mad at the authority, but I think it'll blow over.  I expect to see him back here.