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Revenge of the Birds Interviews Cardinals Running Back

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SB Nation Arizona Cardinals site Revenge of the Birds had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the past season with Cardinals rookie running back LaRod Stephens-Howling.  They discussed his relationship with incumbent Tim Hightower:

ROTBTim Hightower is only in his 2nd NFL season, but we've seen him on the sideline talking and helping the rookies. How beneficial has Tim Hightower been and what is the most important thing he's taught you?

LSH: Tim has been a big help to me since my arrival in Arizona and he is very beneficial because the things that he helps me with he has just been through last year so he can relate better.  The most important thing Tim taught me was in the summer and it didn't have much to do with X's and O's.  He told me if i wanted to accomplish something, to write it down. That night I started writing things down, and it had worked very well for me.