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A Sea of Blue Reveals Calipari's Humanity

Our Kentucky site A Sea of Blue recently broke an incredible story about Coach John Calipari coming to visit a 16-year-old promising athlete who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  I can't even imagine the pain that family is going through.  It's nice that, even for one shining moment, Coach Calipari showed so much caring and compassion to give a UK fan one huge surprise.

Without fanfare, without press, and without notice, John Calipari chose to not send the young man a note, an act in and of itself deserving of praise, but rather, the UK coach out of his love for his fellow man, went to Indy to visit a very sick young man.  In the middle of an historic basketball season, Calipari dropped that which matters most to UK fans, alumni, and players alike, and journeyed north to put a smile on Kevin's face, and hope in his heart.