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BC Interruption Interviews Linebacker on NFL Combine Opening

Our Boston College site BC Interruption had the opportunity to interview Eagles linebacker Mike McLaughlin about his prospects at the NFL Combine.  They talked about everything from his favorite BC eatery to what he was going to miss most about playing college football.

BCI: Reflecting back on your Boston College career, what will you miss most about your time on the Heights?

MM: Aw man. I really think it’s going to be those Saturday afternoons at Alumni. Warming up with team, warming up with the guys, those September afternoons. It really doesn't get much better than that. 60-65 degrees in a packed Alumni for all those great ACC games that we’ve played over the years. You just think about those games against Clemson that went to overtime at night and Virginia Tech, beating them a couple of years at home. It’s really special being a part of that. I don’t think you really realize it until you’re actually done and you’re not going to be doing that anymore. Stuff like that I think is definitely the biggest stuff I’m going to remember.