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Raw Charge Interviews Goalie Prospect Dustin Tokarski

The SB Nation Tampa Bay Lightning site Raw Charge had the opportunity to interview Lightning goalie prospect Dustin Tokarski.  Tokarski went into what a goalie does for offseason training:

We hear a lot about forward and defense conditioning during the off season, do goalies do the same regimen or how exactly is it different?

It’s somewhat similar. I mean, you’ve got to be in overall good shape, just like players. But you definitely do different drills for a goaltender. You’d like to have strong shoulders for your arm movements, and you obviously want to have strong legs for quick movements in the crease – powerful pushes and edges. You do a lot of powerful movements as a goaltender. So you try to specify your training like that.

This summer I’ll be following a program from Tampa, and I’m sure they’ll help me make it a personal one, so I’ll just follow that.