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Bleed Cubbie Blue Interviews Mayor of Mesa

People have always said if you want something done right, do it yourself.  That's exactly what SB Nation Cubs site Bleed Cubbie Blue did by going directly to the mayor of Mesa, Arizona to get answers on the Cubs proposed new facility.  Al Yellon got the straight dirt on things:

BCB: There's been a lot of information and apparent misinformation out there about the proposed financing for the new spring training complex. Can you set the record straight about who's paying for what, how the money is going to be raised, and what the timetable is.

SS: The proposal that is currently at the legislature utilizes the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority mechanism to fund a new Cubs stadium. AZSTA is the same mechanism used to finance new or remodeled spring training facilities in Phoenix, Glendale, Goodyear, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Surprise. In fact, AZSTA has paid or committed over $200 million to facilities in these six cities that are used by nine teams. As currently proposed, money raised from a $1.00 per contract rental car fee and about a $1.00 per ticket charge on Cactus League tickets would go into a fund set aside to pay for spring training facilities in any Cactus League city. Mesa would use this fund to help pay for a portion of a new Cubs facilitiy, but other cities could also apply to AZSTA to use this fund for facilities in their cities, too.