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Gang Green Nation Interviews D'Brickashaw Ferguson

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I just love names that start with a letter and an apostrophe.  I wish my name was D'Tyler.  That makes D'Brickashaw Ferguson pretty awesome.  That and the fact that he sat down and did an interview with our Jets site Gang Green Nation.  You want to know what makes him a great player?  How about someone who is always looking to get better:

JB: Describe your offseason routine to get ready for the year. Is there any particular aspect of your game you're focusing on?

DF: Every offseason I always try to redefine my play. I look at tape and analyze my on and off the field approach to the game. This year I want to continue to increase my strength and my physical nature on the field as well as in the classroom really analyzing and breaking down film to the next level. I think I did an excellent job last year understanding my opponents, their moves, and the game plans they had for me, but I want to to continue finding new ways to break down my opponents to make the game slower so that I have the best opportunity to perform at my best.