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Tips From Around The Network: Adjusting Layout Width

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Many of our 250+ excellent sports blogs have published their own how-tos on using the SB Nation platform. Some are pages with a full breakdown of how to use the all of the tools at your disposal and some are series of posts that highlight a different feature of the platform once a week or once a month. We are going to try to highlight some of these posts here on Blog Huddle each week.

This week's installment is courtesy of Eric Simon, SB Nation's Baseball League Manager and Manager of Amazin' Avenue, our New York Mets blog. Thursday, Eric wrote a post demonstrating how to change the layout width on any SB Nation blog. Check out after the jump for his excellent write-up.

On the right sidebar of the front page is a small band with "Narrow" and "Wide" icons. Just click the "Wide" icon to expand the size of the visible content of the site to make better use of your big display.

Adjusting the layout with of Amazin' Avenue is dead simple

And just to give you an idea of the difference it makes, here's a side-by-side comparison of the site in both modes. Narrow is on the left, wide is on the right. Click either image to embiggen.

Amazin' Avenue in narrow layout mode   Amazin' Avenue in wide layout mode

Dead simple, and it makes the site quite a bit more readable in my opinion.

It turns out, a lot of Eric's readership didn't know about this feature, so it stands to reason that many of you are also unaware of this option. Obviously, it is more a matter of personal preference than anything else, but if you didn't already know, check it out and see which view you like best.

We'll be back with another of these posts next week.