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Better Know a Blogger: SB Nation Dallas' Brett Perryman

We've recently been introducing regionals to the SB Nation portfolio to much fanfare. For the most part, most of our regional sites are going to be led by bloggers already within our network, but SB Nation Dallas, which just launched on Thursday, will be led by Brett Perryman. I figured this would be a good opportunity to get to know one of the newest members of SB Nation.  

So without further ado, let's get to know Brett Perryman, editor of SB Nation Dallas.

Tyler Bleszinski: Congratulations on the launch of Dallas SB Nation.  The site looks great. So you're the newest member of the SB Nation family.  What persuaded you to join?

Brett Perryman: I felt like this was a unique opportunity. Very few people get to talk about all of their favorite teams in this manner in a forum the caliber of SB Nation and in association with such well run local blogs. I have enjoyed contributing on media run sites, but I'm a fan, and I want to be able to speak from the heart.

Bleszinski:  What's been the SB Nation experience been like so far?

Perryman: It's obviously been hectic as we have done a lot of work in a short period of time to get the site ready, but the people at SB Nation have been great and have assisted us in every way possible, and now we're on to the fun part.

Bleszinski:  You're running the Dallas regional site. Tell me about your approach to running that site.

Perryman: I want fans to be able to count on us for the news and information on their team, but also for valuable insight and directions to others who provide that insight. Our aim is not only to give the fan perspective on our teams, but to pass along our full experience as sports fans in general. And I would like for this site to play a part in enriching the already strong communities on our local team blogs.

Bleszinski: What would you like for people to think when they come visit the site for the first time?

Perryman: The first thing that I would like to occur to them is, ‘Hey, I can just come here as a starting point on a daily basis and be kept up on the entire scene.' As they get their feet on the ground, I would like for them to see that our commentary is worthy, interesting and entertaining, and, if they haven't found the team blogs yet, I would like to show them the fun experience and feeling of camaraderie that they can find on them.

Bleszinski:  What's your approach to building community?

Perryman: I want folks who are from DFW and those who are fans of Dallas teams to find that they can come to SB Nation Dallas and see the entire experience captured. They can see all of the news for their teams, they can sense the vibe around town and add their comments, and they can move on to the team blogs and really delve into what is relevant for their teams. As folks become comfortable with our voices and that process, I think that we will build a neat relationship.

Bleszinski:  Did you grow up in Dallas? Is that how you came to be a big Dallas sports fan?

Perryman: Yes, born in California but I grew up in DFW. The Cowboys and Rangers were basically bred into me. I knew how to spell Rafael Septien before I could really read. I developed an interest in hockey just a couple of years before the North Stars moved to Dallas, so their arrival was well timed for me.

Bleszinski:  Which of the Dallas-area teams is the one you follow the most closely?

Perryman: They're all pretty close for me, but baseball is special. I've enjoyed following the developmental side of baseball and of the Rangers specifically for as long as I can remember. As fans of many other clubs can attest, there is something romantic about rooting for a perennial loser and dreaming of the day that they finally reach the pinnacle.

Bleszinski: What's your all-time favorite Dallas moment and why?

Perryman: January 17, 1993 - NFC Championship. The Cowboys appeared to be a year away but led surprisingly 24-20 with four minutes left. The momentum had swung back in the favor of the 49ers, and Dallas was pinned deep in their end. Jimmy Johnson and Norv Turner decide to be aggressive on third down, Troy Aikman hits Alvin Harper for a 70 yard catch and run to ice it, and the Cowboys go to their first Super Bowl in 13 years.  

Bleszinski: Who is your all-time favorite Dallas-area athlete?

Perryman: Ivan Rodriguez. On the day that he was called up as a teenager he said that he wanted to play in Arlington "for 20 or 22 years." He followed through on that, negotiating a last moment extension himself when his agent couldn't get it done and only leaving when John Hart had virtually no interest in keeping him. He's the greatest Ranger, and he has always had a special relationship with the fans here.

Bleszinski:  Finally, tell me something about yourself that might surprise the readership.

Perryman: I have never tasted a PB&J sandwich.

Bleszinski: Thanks so much for the visit, Brett.  Best of luck.