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Rounding Out SB Nation's Impressive Portfolio

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By now, anyone who hangs around the SB Nation sites should have heard that today we've launched the SB Nation regional initiative.  We launched six regional sites today, including SB Nation New YorkSB Nation ArizonaSB Nation Washington DCSB Nation DetroitSB Nation Boston and SB Nation Chicago.

I'm thrilled because, as SB Nation CEO Jim Bankoff says here, this is a bold new step in coverage both for our network and for sports in general. We took great steps in November of 2009 to cover sports on a national level with after completely dominating the team-specific sports space for many years and this just adds to the depth and detail of our coverage.  Our goal is to make sure that no matter what your interest is as a sports fan, whether that's getting into the specific details of what your team is doing on a minute-by-minute basis or what is happening right now in your favorite city or region, we'll have you covered.

For years we've had people wanting to get more involved in teams in their areas and since we're all about empowering our audience, this initiative lets you do just that.  You can start your day out at SB Nation Chicago to see what the breaking news of the day is, like reading your morning paper, then dive right into Second City Hockey to discuss the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals and whether they can wrap it up in six games.

I'm simply thrilled with how far SB Nation has come in six and half years.  Onward and upward.