Serial Bannings at BCB and Chicago SB Nation

I am interested in any other people who have been banned without explanation from Al Yellon sites. A while ago, I was banned from Bleed Cubbie Blue for reasons unknown (no profanity, or other apparent TOS violation). Today, I responded to an article on the new SB Nation Chicago and while the post was admittedly a bit sarcastic, I was just questioning how Al Yellon could be so angry at the Blackhawks for not meeting Bobby Hull's (unprecedented) demands, yet be willing to forgive the Cubs for getting rid of both very popular players at the end of their careers (Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Mark Grace, Greg Maddux, Andre Dawson, Bill Buckner, Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood) and players in their primes (Kenny Holtzman, Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux).

I noticed another commenter suggested Chris Chelios was a Sox fan and not a Cubs fan and linked to something that had a Chelios quote professing to being a Cubs fan.

At any rate, I find this very frustrating. How can a "columnist" or "editor" or "blogger" have this thin a skin?

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