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SB Nation Acquires The Sporting Blog

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The Sporting Blog was one of the first efforts by traditional media to bridge the gap to what new media companies like SB Nation are doing. So it seemed like a full circle completion yesterday when SB Nation acquired The Sporting Blog from Sporting News.

The Sporting Blog will be merged into the SB Nation national site Our CEO Jim Bankoff had this to say:

"Sporting News is a highly respected sports news organization and we happily welcome ‘The Sporting Blog' into the SB Nation community. Coming off the successful launch of our new regional blogs, ‘The Sporting Blog' will add to the growth and robust coverage on our national site"

And Sporting News replied with this:

"As Sporting News shifts its core online focus to comprehensive coverage of breaking sports news, the format of ‘The Sporting Blog' is no longer a strategic fit moving forward," said Jeff Price, President and Publisher of Sporting News.  "We are incredibly proud to see this unique asset move to SB Nation where it will join the best sports blog community on the web. We also look forward to working more closely with Jim Bankoff and the SB Nation team as we evolve our digital strategy in the coming weeks and months."