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SB Nation's USC Site Interviews UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel

Yeah you read that right, our SC community Conquest Chronicles recently had the opportunity to interview UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel

Interestingly, CC asked Neuheisel if he felt the pressure to win now:

Me: Do you fell the pressure to win now? You're in your third have one of the toughest schedules this season. You guys have a tough year this year. At most other schools coaches, by their third year, start to see a turn...but these cards all came up snake eyes (I meant to say dice) do feel any pressure?

Rick Neuheisel: I don't look at it as pressure I look at it as an exciting time. We came in with a plan to increase our athleticism, to increase our talent, get a system that the kids buy into...all that has been successful. We went from year one to year two and we got better, now we need to take the next leap from year two to year three and get better and keep the momentum. Now, what that means in terms of how the other teams stack up against us we'll have to wait and see. We've done the R&D, the research and development has been done now it is time to go out and execute and I am excited about that portion.

We do have a great kicking game. We have a great punter and great kicker maybe, the best in all the land. We have a great special teams coach and we are a faster team...special teams will improved. We have to play well enough on offense and defense to keep every game close and hopefully we can win. My (unintelligible) at Washington were at #3 in the country...we were behind in almost every game but we found a way to play well and that is going to be a lot of what we do given our schedule. Given the strength of the conference and how even the conference is you have to get a little bit of magic to figure out how to win those games...we can be in those games, there is no doubt in my mind.