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Hogs Haven Interviews Redskins Owner Dan Snyder

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Dan Snyder has a reputation as one of the most controversial owners in sports. Redskins fans have a love-hate relationship with him. Loving how badly he wants to win, but also blaming him for a lot of the failures over the past several seasons. 

So Snyder did a smart thing and sat down with the best Redskins fan community out there, our very own Hogs HavenPart 1 is up here and part two was just published as well. There is a lot of groundbreaking stuff in there, including this exchange.

HH: Would it be fair to say then that somewhere in there where you came to that moment and you looked in the mirror and broke your silence, that-as good of a man as Jim Zorn is-maybe he is not the right coach for this team, right now?

DAN: Sure. Absolutely. But it starts with me. It starts with really understanding where we were as a franchise, understanding that hey, I made a wrong decision...admitting that to yourself.