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Media Daze: NBA Basketball Returns with Media Onslaught

ESPN is, of course, reporting LIVE from Miami for the LeBron-fest that is the Miami Heat media days. But media days are happening all this week all over the NBA and our intrepid NBA communities are all over them. 

I'll be updating this regularly, but CelticsBlog is posting updates from the Boston Celtics media day today. More to come later.

UPDATE: Indy Cornrows offers some impressions of Pacers media day.

UPDATE II: Mike Prada reports on Flip Saunders plans for the Wizards going into 2010 for Bullets Forever.

UPDATE III: Blazersedge has a full recap of the media day festivities for the Portland Traiblazers.

UPDATE IV: Clips Nation has a behind the scenes look at the Los Angeles Clippers media day.

UPDATE V: You can see a variety of different stories from Magic camp here at Orlando Pinstriped Post.