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Buffalo Rumblings Interviews Jim Kelly

The NFL season is nearly upon us. The Buffalo Bills are in an interesting position as many don't expect much from them in the division that most have already handed to the Hard Knocked New York Jets. Buffalo Rumblings, our Bills community, had the opportunity to talk with Bills legend Jim Kelly and he said don't plan the AFC East parade for the Jets just yet.

Kelly has noticed everything that's gone on in the AFC East this off-season, knows that expectations for the Bills are very low, and understands that the division is as tough as ever. None of that has deterred his belief that the Bills can compete in 2010.

"There's no doubt," Kelly said. "They have to start off strong, because a few early losses can become a mental thing, where preparing through the week gets harder because you're not winning. They have to start strong, with three of their first four games against the AFC East, and they need to get used to winning. But absolutely. They have a chance to do really well."